NOMA COPLEY. A gold, steel, wood and coral bangle

Designed as a contorted pencil, the high carat gold main body, embellished to one end with a red coral rubber within a white gold clamp, and to the other with a wood and steel tip, engraved Nancy O'Connor #7, also transcribed with her signature, 22K for 22 carat gold, 18K for 18ct gold and NC for Noma Copley. Noma Copley was the wife of William N. Copley, an American artist, gallery owner and patron of the arts. He himself began to paint after the encouragement of Man Ray and Max Ernst, with whom he had become friendly in Los Angeles. Over the years he also amassed one of the most important private collections of Surrealist art which was sold for a record price at auction in 1979. Mrs Copley was an artist in her own right and painted as well as designing jewellery. They created together the William and Noma Copley Foundation, later known as the Cassandra Foundation, in 1953 to support young artists. Note: Nancy O'Connor was the wife of Caroll O'Connor, an American actor, producer and director best known for his character Archie Bunker in the famous 1970s TV series 'All in the Family'. A bangle of the same design, owned by Daphne Farago, features in the book of her world-famous collection 'Jewelry by Artists: In the Studio, 1940-2000', the original can be found in The Boston Museum of Art, to whom Daphne Farago donated it.


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